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TCS Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner ~ NEW Weekly Dose Packaging


TCS is specially formulated cleaning agent for TCS flexible dentures and appliances. TCS cleaner is supplied in boxes of 24 weekly-dose sachets; designed to last for up to 6 months.


TCS Cleaner safely and effectively removes coffee, tea, tobacco, fruit and iron stains, tartar, plaque, calcium and calculus.


Safe for cleaning: Dentures, Flexible Dentures, Partials, Orthodontics, Nightguards, Retainers, Thermoplastics and more.


Use TCS to clean your appliance once a day to:

  • Kill germs that cause odour
  • Reduce plaque buildup
  • Remove food particles
  • Dissolve tough stains
  • Keep appliance fresh and clean


24 sachets are included in each box, one whole sachet is mixed with one cup of warm water – this solution will last up to 7 days before needing to be replaced.


A daily 30 minute soaking has proven to be effective in maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of dentures. Overnight soaking of dentures in TCS solution will not harm the appliance.


Size: 6.5cm x 9.5cm x 10cm

TCS Professional Strength 24 Week supply

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